V3 Games

Opportunities for All Parties

Players, investors, influencer and developers are all at the same table, where everyone enjoys the platform and monetarily profits from the process. Let's take a look at the opportunities for each user and project participant.

Opportunities for Players:

  • Monetization of game time and real earnings by selling game items and boosting your character
  • Scolarship functional
  • Participation in international tournaments
  • Player Training
  • The opportunity to play with celebrities in the same team
  • A variety of game mechanics to meet the needs of modern gamers
  • True ownership of in-game items thanks to NFTs
  • Buying or renting necessary in-game items at better prices
  • The ability to use in-game items with real value
  • Confidence in the long-term existence of the game, thanks to the interest of users from all over the world
  • Direct participation of gamers in the life and development of the Guild

Opportunities for Investors:

  • Acquisition of in-demand and growing NFT tokens
  • A single entry point to the ecosystem
  • Renting out NFT
  • Protocol algorithm Participation in promising projects at the early stage
  • Placing on IDO and INO
  • Own Yield Farming and Stake pools
  • Opportunity to become an LP provider
  • Investments in proven projects
  • Education programs

Opportunities for Developers:

  • Adapting and integrating projects into the DeFi sector
  • A relevant audience consisting of players
  • Attracting investment to your project
  • The possibility of concluding an exclusive contract for the release of the NFT gaming collection of an esports player
  • Attracting kolars and players from the v3 guild
  • Attracting new loyal users
  • Educational program
  • Project audit
  • Purchase of allocation on public sales of the lunchpad
  • Expanding the geography of game-fi projects
  • Assistance in creating a gaming product from an esports player
  • Getting marketing assistance in setting up and launching game promotion mechanisms
  • Obtaining royalties from selling items on the secondary market
  • Project auditing and comprehensive resolution of legal, economic or marketing vulnerabilities
  • Technical assistance to the project from the transition from WEB 2.0 to WEB 3.0

Opportunities for Influencers:

  • Attracting new audiences
  • Long-term advertising contracts
  • Cooperation with international brands
  • Only reliable GameFi projects
  • The opportunity to lead local communities
  • Release of own NFT
  • SMM promotion
  • Profiting from an affiliate program
  • Monetising their current audience