V3 Games

Getting Started

The introduction of blockchain technology into the gaming world has transformed it into an entirely new industry. Leveraging the power of blockchain tech, games now include both gaming and investment capabilities.
The name of the cocktail that sparked the metamorphosis is GameFi. With it, the rules of the game in the industry have been completely revamped. Now, players are not spending their money on game microtransactions, but instead investing their resources in real assets (NFTs), which have real value and can be resold in the secondary market.
As the digital economy of games develops and matures, we need a place that connects it all. On the V3 platform, GameFi players, developers, investors and enthusiasts can gather together to unlock the full potential of crypto games.
The growth of GameFI has led to the digital and real economy intersecting with each other. Global corporations in IT, music and clothing are already actively finding advertising platforms in digital worlds, promoting this or that product and attracting the attention of customers and the public.
This staggering growth in the GameFi and e-sport markets will potentially provide many opportunities for companies built on digital services and engaged in online businesses.