V3 Games

Yield Farming and Stake pools

One of the important advantages the V3G platform has is the Yield Farming pool.
Yield Farming has become a natural step in the evolution of the cryptocurrency ecosystem and is one of the key trends actively developing in DeFi. With this earning strategy that allows you to "freeze" your tokens inside the platform, you are rewarded with additional income for storing tokens on the platform and ensuring a project’s market liquidity.
In our farming pools, we allow you to mine various tokens of our issuers in BEP-20 format. You can also mine our ecosystem token VTG (more about the token below).
Additionally, we use our own farming platform for cross-marketing with issuers, which undergo our careful selection and audit, before listing.
Overall, the platform’s yield farming feature gives increased liquidity to VTG tokens, as well as provides the ability to mine NFT tokens from GameFi projects.