V3 Games

The V3 Ecosystem

V3 Games is a WEB 3.0 ecosystem that expands the GameFi market by attracting traditional gamers and game dev studios using an accelerator, a launchpad and an audience of esports players. At the moment, our focus is fully focused on the implementation of the following elements of the ecosystem:

1) Launchpad

One of the key features will be a multi-chain platform.
The audience of the launchpad consists mostly of players, not speculators, which is an additional advantage for listing GameFi projects.
Own V3 accelerator, allows you to monitor and verify projects for listing.

2) GameFi Guild

A guild consisting of experienced players, esports players and streamers. The audience of classic games has never been so close to GameFi. World stars of esports, training programs, streams and scholarship functionality. All this in one place - V3 Guild. ( see continuing page )

3) V3 Accelerator

Will accelerating game projects and teams, equipping them with the competencies needed to manage GameFi projects and promote and launch their first products on the global market. Expanding market share during the transition of classic gaming to the world of WEB 3.0 , adapting projects and providing a range of services for their implementation and promotion.

4) NFT Marketplace

The cross chain V3 Marketplace is an the opportunity to participate in NFT rentals, exclusive drops of collections of influencers and esports celebrity. With the help of our platform, users can get a comprehensive view of market trends and optimize their buying and investing decisions. Built-in INO launchpad, will allow you to launch comprehensive gaming projects. GameFi projects get a single point of sale for their assets and easy integration with the V3 Games ecosystem.

5) In house GameFi project

We combine four game development studios. Experienced specialists, games of various genres, vivid emotions and unforgettable hours spent in P2E games.
Thus, the tour VTG token has additional utility, and the user can diversify the playing time with games of different genres.

6) DEX

A convenient and simple interface for implementing a single point of purchase of game tokens of various GameFi projects. LP pools, verified tokens and many other features are waiting for you in V3 DEX. ( see continuing page )