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V3 Games has a Launchpad for IDO, INO, IMO. The Launchpad is a single meeting place for Game Fi projects and potential investors.
The V3 Launchpad offers comprehensive solutions to the following platform problems and solution for industry. Problems: Poor project selection. Complex and meticulous selection of projects, which takes a lot of time and personnel. Stagnation of the IDO platforme. Negative growth trend of the market of classic IDO solutions, bear market and a decrease in the number of potential projects. Weak utility of Launchpad tokens. Minimal usability functions of the launchpad tokens, do not give progressive evolution to platforms. Unclear financial conditions for project. There are no clear and understandable conditions on the market for listing projects on the launchpad. Hidden fees, blocking of funds after fundraising, minimal security of smart contracts.
The audience of launchpads is speculators. GameFi projects are most often listed on launchpads, but their audience is not gamers, but traders who later use game tokens only for speculation. Lack of B2B communications with third-party projects. Lack of networking and introduction between projects launched on the launchpad. Lack of infrastructure solutions for projects, launchpads offer only listing.
Marketing support and a program aimed solely at the purchase of a token, and not at its usability and in-game functions. Solutions: V3 Acceleration. Own accelerator, allows you to track and control the development of potential issuers on the launchpad. Having made sure of the reliability, quality and investment attractiveness of the project, we provide the possibility of listing. Project selection, assistance, packing, advising. Comprehensive assistance to the project, by main categories. Marketing, legal, financial support of the project
In depth audit project. study of the project using a specially developed model
Audience of players. V3 guild together with esports players participate in the life of projects that produce a listing on the launchpad. Thus, the project gets a target audience of gamers.
Creating a full-cycle infrastructure. GameFi projects, after listing on the launchpad, can also carry out primary sales on the NFT marketplace V3 using the INO module or carry out secondary sales inside the marketplace. Thanks to the guild, get targeted player traffic and feedback from professional players. V3 DES will allow the listing of Erc-20 tokens and create a liquidity pool.
We have created the V3 Games ecosystem to create a single window of entry into the world of GameFi games.
User - an integral part of the ecosystem, it is for them that we are implementing the V3 Games project
Feel free to launch your projects and invest in promising startups with V3 Launchpad!
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