V3 Games

In house GameFi project's

How do you bring a game to market that users will like?
That’s right. Ask them in person!
And what to do if opinions differ?
That's right. Bring a few games to market, and that's what we did. Meet the games from V3G:
DeFi Wars
Dungeon DeFi
Cyber Way
Familiar mechanics and thousands of new features is an online 2D RTS (real-time strategy) game for WEB browser, but with high-quality graphics.
All our life is a struggle, and the one who chooses the best strategy wins!
In DeFi Wars, you are invited to fight with the players and destroy the enemy's castle with the help of magic cards, calling up dozens of unique characters. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of battle and emerge victorious from this arena!

Is a digital 2D card game in the collaborative MMORPG+ CCG (Collectible Card Games) genre for cell phones (iOS & Android) using blockchain and NFT technology capabilities with the provision of the modern Play2Earn model..

In this game, you will be able to explore several large locations freely, including the city and dungeons, develop your character, team up with friends to fight against strong opponents, or challenge real players in various PvP modes.
In addition, you can collect the most powerful deck with which to fight in exciting tactical battles against artificial intelligence and against other players!

Is the first NFT racing game in space!

The future is here. Pilots conquer not tracks, but 4 unique planets with different competition conditions! 11 drivers and 11 cars are waiting for you, each with its own unique skills and driving styles! 3..2..1.. Race to Earn!

is an idle battler with betting on the virtual rate of cryptocurrencies.

It's time to bet! Choose a character you're confident in and send him to the battlefield. The stylish design of the game in the colors of the movie "Tron" will keep you engaged during the battle. The visualization of the round takes place in the form of motorcycle races. Motorcycles have several patterns of movement and interaction: They can overtake and undercut each other for more successful bets. The player can observe the process and track the bet amount of his and other people's game currency.

is a turn-based 3-on-3 battler.

Gather your strongest team together and show what you are worth. In the game, the more experienced a fighter is, the more expensive he is. Choose battle tactics based on the skills and abilities of your characters to crush the enemy. Develop, improve, and elevate your team. Legendary fighters are not born. They improve and evolve into legends!
Trading simulator, the player chooses who to play, wolf, bear, bull, hamster and many other animals of this market. Choose carefully, each has its own advantages! You never know for sure where the trend will go.
A global online RPG strategy game in a space sci-fi setting with elements of a collectible card game (CCI). Gamers are given the opportunity to lead their nation from a modest state on Earth, extremely limited in territory, human resources and the latest technology to a galactic empire of colossal proportions, spread over dozens of planets under the distant stars. In addition, players will have to build a fleet of hundreds of spaceships and direct it for the benefit of the emerging Empire.
V3 Games implements the transition of game mechanics from classic game dev to GameFi. We make games that you want to play first of all. User immersion and learning happen gradually and in a GameFi way. This ensures no difficulties in mastering and spending time on the platform. Gaming is facilitated by the use of decentralized networks and NFT tokens, which allow the player to create and modify characters, equipment and other units that they can own throughout their lives, not just while the game itself exists.
Thus, the technology opens up the possibility of individual creativity for players, the products of which can move from one game to another. You can buy an asset in one game, use it in another and sell it somewhere else. By combining the best, we have achieved the creation of an ecosystem where each element complements each other: Guild is a source of player traffic, Launchpad allows large launches of public sales to the target audience of games, and all participants of the ecosystem earn their own GameFi products V3 Games is a unique ecosystem that makes the most of WEB 3.0 technology. This not only makes your gaming time more entertaining and potentially more lucrative, but also more convenient and secure