V3 Games

V3 and E sports

V3 Guild intends to attract active or former esportsmen, unite communities, coordinate and compete in tournaments with individuals and other guilds, create media content (reviews, streams, integrations, sportcasting, etc.), arrange events and of course get the benefits of Play-to-Earn Guild’s members activities, advertising contracts, and winning tournaments. V3 Guild targets to innovate the current model of Esports and create opportunities for the esports community via direct participation and fan interaction with GameFi projects, tournaments and other players.
Collaboration of GameFi guild and esportsmen could also be used as a conduit to increase publicity for a guild’s own games / investments and surge the number of players of the game, scholars playing the game, attention that the game receives. Such guild can capitalize on audience attention and organize exciting activities that could provide a considerable value add to new games looking to gain traction and expand opportunities for fan engagement in esports, thereby benefiting both teams and players, as well as tournament organizers, publishers and other stakeholders.