V3 Games

GameFi Guild

V3 Guild’s goals are to consolidate esportsmen, influencers, game streamers and their audiences to empower players to play and earn, create strong passionate crypto gaming community and deliver mass adoption to GameFi projects.
The GameFi market has begun to shift its main focus to entertaining gameplay, usability, sustainability and quality games, so these games need real gamers and enthusiastic players, not just cryptans and speculators focused only on earnings. This is where esports players come into play — they have a relevant target audience, many years of gaming experience, skills in creating gamified shows, competitive spirit and passion for games. Esports players can introduce players to the world of games in which you can interactively earn and monetize game skills. AAA projects at GameFi are in dire need of demand for their assets, fresh players, mass implementation, professional support, recognition and a high level of retention - all these needs can be met with the help of the esports guild