V3 Games

V3 Guild Advantages

V3 Guild aggregates games, esportsmen and players in a single “win-win” space
V3 Games selects the reliable games that V3 Guild may invest in; V3 Games provides early access to investment and games with Launchpad & NFT Marketplace; V3 Guild partners with incredible new games and metaverses in need of users; V3 Guild finds sponsors, advertisers and exclusive partners for esportsmen; V3 Guild esportsmen communicate only with the gaming target audience; V3 Guild production center together with esportsmen implicate the users in GameFi projects; V3 Guild educates and trains players how to interact with crypto games; V3 Guild issues esportsmen NFT collections; V3 Guild streamers broadcast their gameplay and offer giveaways or prizes of NFT assets; V3 Guild conducts cross-esportsmen activities; V3 Guild holds the events and tournaments;