V3 Games


It has become easier to launch your product on the international market - together with the V3 accelerator
We are a team of experts with extensive technical experience in: Blockchain, NFTs, DeFi,… Our crew members can be plugged into your ship from day one. The main audience of the accelerator is the classic GameDev studios, which we help to move into the world of WEB 3.0.
With the help of comprehensive support measures ranging from the legal part, marketing to the technical implementation of the project Funding We support and help game-changing projects in the Web3 space through immediate investment and bring together investors who provide capital, network, and expertise throughout the project’s journey. Network We connect projects through our extensive network of qualified mentors all around the world. From experienced executives and developers all the way to top-notch Web 3 marketing specialists, we got you covered. Growth We are dedicated to helping young or established Web 3 projects accelerate their growth and thrive in this industry. We build unique growth strategies while leveraging key relationships in the space. Advisory Our team consists of Web 3 experts with complementary backgrounds. The Blox assists founders in structuring their company, deploying their ideas, generating traction, raising funds, and bringing their products to market. Those who come from the accelerator receive not only knowledge and assistance in creating a product, but comprehensive support measures within the V3 Games ecosystem:
listing on the V3 launchpad,
adding games to those recommended for Guild,
exclusive influencers / esports players,
as well as the secondary market of NFT and their own token